Snail on Green Stone

Starspider dropped by this evening and graciously allowed me to show off my rocks. This included a ramble by the stone walls between my apartment and hers, which include some nice green stones, which I’m suspecting are actually greenstone. Imagine that. She snapped this photo of a snail on the green stone with her camera phone.

Snail on green stone. Image Credit: Starspider

I know gardeners consider them pests, but I love snails. I especially love snails on rocks. We’ve got lots of both round here, and the snails come out after it rains and I’m all like ZOMG SNAILS!!! and have fond memories of Thomas, my wild snail who mated with our domestic golden snail Goldie, and all of the tiny little snail babies that resulted. Snails rock. Especially when they’re on rocks.

Snail on Green Stone

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    I’m not fond of snails in general, and even less fond of their shell-less cousins. But I do find myself partial to these little brown ones with the racing stripe!

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