Oh. Right. Happy Easter and All That Rot.

I suppose we should have a bunny then, eh?

Easter bunny from Rosario Head

Easter’s never been a big holiday on my radar. I’ve seldom worked jobs where we get time off for it or folks make a big fuss, which is pretty much my only means of keeping track of holidays. There were the baskets when I was a kid, which were always quite a lot of fun and something my mother and I enjoyed immensely. Dyeing eggs, not as much. I’m not much of an egg artist. We’d buy those egg-dyeing kits and end up with a huge mess and some fairly grotesque-looking pastel eggs, which we then had to eat, and I’m not a fan of hard-boiled eggs, honestly. Especially not ones that have turned suspicious colors because of the dye seeping through the shell. I’ll tell you what I do get excited about, though: Cadbury Creme Eggs. And nice big chocolate rabbits, though I’ve become enough of a chocolate snob over the years that I don’t buy those much. Does anyone know if there are Belgian chocolate bunnies on the market? Or eggs. I’ll take eggs in a pinch.

Speaking of eggs, I’ve been meaning to post these chickens for over a month now. The Giradet vineyard has Silkie chickens running about. I’d never even heard of such a thing. They’re wonderfully absurd.

Silkie Chickens

They’re reported to be docile and exceptionally silky. I dunno about either. These were shy, and in most of my shots, all you can see is great big fluffy chicken butts. The little gray fluffballs are chicks. Don’t you just want to scoop them up and rub them against your cheek?

Silkie chicks.

Maybe someday I’ll have a little house in the country, where I can keep things like Silkie chickens. Maybe someday, I’ll have a cat that isn’t hostile to every single living thing in the universe, so that I can keep other pets.

Silkie mom and kiddo.

I mean, imagine having a yard full o’ these things. Mine would be either tame or psychotic, considering I’d probably be picking them up every thirty seconds to give them a squeeze. And I’d never have to worry about dust again. I could just grab a chicken and run it gently over any problem surfaces. Actually, I probably couldn’t – I’d pick it up to do some desultory dusting and end up cuddling it instead. Besides, that’s an undignified thing to do to a living creature. Especially cute ones. But you have to admit, they do look like mobile dusters. Especially from behind, and believe me, I had every opportunity to observe.

Silkie chicken butts.

Oh, artificial selection! You are teh funny.

Anyway, I’m going to go back to celebrating Easter by writing me non-fluffy arse off. I hope you’re all indulging in things like eating too much chocolate, which is the best reason for the season. Don’t miss DarkSyde’s awesome post, “Was Jesus really just a run of the mill zombie? I say no.” It’s worth reading even if you already know the answer. I mean, hello, obviously not a zombie.

Everybody knows Jesus is actually a lich.

Oh. Right. Happy Easter and All That Rot.

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  1. 1

    Hey Dana, I just want to say thanks for your blogging. It’s gotten me much more interested in geology than I ever thought i would be. I spent the morning today taking my daughters to look for fossils around Shadow Falls in St. Paul. We found Ordovician fossils, which they loved. But we also looked at the rocks on the bluffs – layers of shale, limestone, and sandstone – and talked about those rocks could tell us – what we could learn from them about how our world came to be what it is today.

    At the end of our hike, my older daughter said “We learned so much today!” it was awesome. Thanks to your passionate writing about geology I have seen its beauty, and am hopefully passing it along to my daughters. Thank you!

  2. 2

    Does anyone know if there are Belgian chocolate bunnies on the market?

    My guess is that you wouldn’t like the results much if there were. Now that I’m an adult, I notice that most easter candy tastes like it’s been sitting in some warehouse for months.

    I’d rather have hard-boiled eggs, even if they’re magenta …

  3. cmv

    Does anyone know if there are Belgian chocolate bunnies on the market?

    Don’t worry about going all the way to Belgium, the majority of Belgian chocolatiers moved to Vancouver years ago. Purdy’s is bigger, with retail stores in various malls, but Daniel’s on Robson street is the place to go. All of them sell bunnies and eggs at Easter.
    Purdy’s is online for Internet sales at http://www.purdys.com

  4. 5

    If you will accept Swiss chocolate instead of Belgian, look for the Lindt “Gold Bunny”. They make them in white, milk, or dark chocolate, and it’s the same chocolate they use in their bars! Amazing, good chocolate easter bunnies ;D Enjoy!

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