Go, Evelyn!

My dear friend and fellow Geokittehs blogger Evelyn Mervine is finishing her thesis tonight. She defends it on Friday the 13th. It’s been a long georney, and she could certainly use all of the support and encouragement we can muster. Give her your love, my darlings, and if you can fill this thread with really bad geology puns, so much the better!

I’m going to attempt a small cheer, although I haven’t got an outfit, and I suck at cheerleading.

G is for Georneys,

O is for Ophiolite.

GO Evelyn! GO Evelyn!

Finishin’ your thes

Gettin’ PhDs

Will be really gneiss

And we’ll be shouting twice:

The Doctor Rocks!

The Doctor Rocks!

You’re the schist! Woo!

Go, Evelyn!

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