Layover Geology: Discovery Park

I believe Andrew Alden may have started a new meme:

If you travel enough, one day you’ll be laid over in some airport city for a day. What if it were here? Sure you could party with local friends, but you could also take those friends with you on a field trip!

He’s soliciting suggestions for layover geology. I have just the thing: Discovery Park. Fantastic examples of coastal landforms and glacial sediments, gorgeous location, and conveniently located on bus lines that will zip you from the airport to the lovely landscape and back again.

On a clear day, you’ll have a view of the Olympic Mountains, Mt. Rainier, and Puget Sound. On a not-so-clear day, you’ve still got the bluffs. There’s a lighthouse and beachcombing opportunities for those in your party who may not be as enthralled by geology as you are. Birders can get their jollies. You might even run in to a baby seal.

Baby seal and lighthouse, Discovery Park
Baby seal and lighthouse, Discovery Park

The trails are pretty simple to navigate, and they have a delightful little interpretive center.

It’s absolutely perfect if you find yourself stuck in Seattle for a day, and if you’re overnighting, it’s close enough to downtown for some fun down at Pike’s Place Market and other local city delights. You can have it all.

For a detailed description of the geological goodness, see my old post Do Ya Think I’m Bluffing, Punk? Well, Do Ya? And watch this space – it may take me a while to write ’em up, but I’ve got plenty o’ places one can visit in an afternoon when stuck at SeaTac.

Thank you, Andrew, for such a marvelous meme!

Bluffs and Sound, Discovery Park
Bluffs and Sound, Discovery Park
Layover Geology: Discovery Park

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    It’s a lovely spot. I can recommend it just on the basis of it being a good place to see some interesting scenery.

    If you’re going to take the bus, though, try to catch the express into Seattle. It’s a couple hour trip each way, otherwise.

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