Los Links 11/4

The frightening thing, I mean the really scary thing, is that it seemed like I’d read a lot less than I usually do. Yet this week’s linkage looks enormous.

Doubt I’ll hear any complaints. Well, not many.

But I tried to limit myself, I really did. The problem is, people write so much important, interesting stuff, and so much of it feeds into my writing, that I can’t justify ignoring the things that catch my eye. And I have to take longer breaks to rest my hands anyway. And then I’ve read them, and might as well share them with you.



Occupy Wall Street

Boing Boing: “How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job”

Cybergurerrilla: A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street.

Slobber and Spittle: The Rich And The Power To Demand.

The High Definite: Protecting Against Tear Gas.

Camels With Hammers: Taxes, Employment Rates, and Deficits Explained In Less Than 2 Minutes.

Myrmecos: Why I support the 99% movement.

Daily Kos: ‘He has a right to speak,’ said the cop to the banker.



The Dynamic Earth: Armored Mudballs!

Respectful Insolence: “Naturopathic obstetrics”? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Christian Science Monitor: Global warming: Middle East’s vital wet winters are disappearing.

Dinosaur Tracking: Living Sauropods? No Way and SVP Dispatch: Dinosaurs and the Proofs of Evolution.

Blag Hag: Accepting evidence is not dogmatic.

The Guardian: DIY statistical analysis: experience the thrill of touching real data.

Hot Topic: Wrapped up in books: Don Easterbrook drags Elsevier through the mud.

The Guardian: Giant unicorn-whales with tusks? That’s why I pay my licence fee.

White Coat Underground: Return of an old foe and Shame on you, NYU.

Scientific American: The Ductile Helix: “Jumping Genes” May Influence Brain Activity.

Dot Earth: Ideas for Spreading Quake-Resistent Building Methods.

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: Using meteorites to find the origins of life and Some high-def volcanic action in Iceland.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Man with schizophrenia has out-of-body experience in lab, gains knowledge, controls his psychosis and Stunning wren duets are conceived as a whole but sung in two parts.

Lab Rat: Modelling a werewolf epidemic.

Hudson Valley Geologist: Stupid geologists.

Charlotte Observer: Gold rush hurts aquatic life.

XKCD: Alternative Literature.

Cocktail Party Physics: Blithe Spirits: Science Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Alaska’s Billion Dollar Mountain.

io9: Gorgeous Victorian infographic shows Earth’s mountains and rivers as we knew them over 150 years ago.

MRO: NASA Study of Clays Suggests Watery Mars Underground.

The Telegraph: World’s most powerful laser to tear apart the vacuum of space.

Molecular Love (and Other Facts of Life): An open letter to Donna Laframboise (or, You have got to be F*!$*%@&! kidding me).

The Chronicle Review: A Better Rationale for Science Literacy.

Quest: Geological Outings Around the Bay: Fremont Peak.

Microecos: Icons of Plate Tectonics.

Bad Astronomy: Tripping the light fantastic.

Volcan01010: Why people are scared of Katla.

Magic Valley: Just How Did Idaho’s Geological Formations Form?

Scientific American: I’m Shocked! Shocked! to Find There Are Neutrinos Going On Here.

Ron Schott’s Geology Home Companion: Social Media & Geology – Fall 2011.

Skepticblog: Octopus’ Garden in the Shale?

Metageologist: Hurled from the sky.

XX Factor: The Dark Secrets That Dolphins Don’t Want You to Know.

Research Factor: How walking through a doorway increases forgetting.

The Guardian: Sunstones may have helped Vikings navigate from Norway to America.

The Scicurious Brain: The Evolution of Overconfidence, as explained by a shot of Jager and the boys from Jersey Shore.

Eruptions: How Big is That? Scale and Rates of Volcanic Eruptions.



New York Times: A Writer of Slasher Books Finds More Than a Muse.

Embo Reports: More than a blog.

Galley Cat: Author Loses Royalties From 5,104 Books.

The Business Rusch: Free.

Pub Rants: Scarier Than Halloween.

Poynter: U.S. Marshals ordered to seize Righthaven assets.

Myrmecos: Learn to read with Insects! ebook.

Kim’s Craft Blog: Lessons in Lingering: Getting the “Inner Life” on the Page.


Women’s Issues

The Chicago Tribune: One woman’s stand against college athletes.

RH Reality Check: “Abortion Hurts Men” Campaign Continuing.

Racialicious: Because Amber Cole is Just a Kid and Boys Learn to Be Boys.

The Biology Files: Hey, moms. Got science?

Have Online Dictionary, Will Travel: Feminist Monday–Sexual Harassment at SF Conventions.

Acceptable Parity: Four Ways Men Stunt Women’s Careers Unintentionally.

XX Factor: Cain Story Reignites Debate Over Sexual Harassment.

New Statesman: “You should have your tongue ripped out”: the reality of sexist abuse online. [Ignore the malware warning – someone’s playing silly buggers and attempting another method at silencing.]

Occasionally, I Think:  If you want to talk about “slut shaming” . . .

Georneys:  A Woman’s Name.

Cruella-blog: My Atheist B*tchslap and the Internet.

The Crommunist Manifesto: This is what happens when you put a woman in charge.

***Dave Does the Blog: Dennis Prager is a Dolt (Feminism’s Awful Legacies Edition).


Religion and Atheism

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: OMG! Scientology Killed Kenny!Satan Makes People Gay and The Centre for Unintelligent Design.

Slobber and Spittle: Why I’m An Atheist and The Price Of Freedom: Religious Expression.

Butterflies and Wheels: The demonic power.

Greta Christina’s Blog: Is Anti-Atheist Discrimination Real?

Tangled Up in Blue Guy: Not Taking Offense.

The Atheist Experience: We get email: Science vs religion, round 70 kajillion.

Choice in Dying: Religion, Science and Empiricism.

A Voice of Reason in an Unreasonable World: The Bible Proves That God Does Not Exist.



Daily Kos: Kicking out immigrants isn’t working well for Alabama.

TFN Insider: Mercer Still Attacking Science and Teachers.

Decrepit Old Fool: The rip in time.

WWJTD: Rep. Trent Franks: Straight Marriages Deserve Special Rights.

Associated Press: FACT CHECK: GOP lawmakers spin funding tall tales.

Harpocrates Speaks: An Open Letter to the United States Congress.

Shaping Tomorrow’s World: The Loud Fringe: Pluralistic Ignorance and Democracy.

Grist: Republicans are taking real vote on imaginary dust regulations.

GigaOm: Looks like Congress has declared war on the internet.

EFF: Proposed Copyright Bill Threatens Whistleblowing and Human Rights.


Society and Culture

Persephone: Don’t EVEN Get Me Started, Mythical Bootstraps College Student.

Lousy Canuck: The Whitewashing of Akira.

Co.Design: Infographic: If 7 Billion People Lived In One City, How Big Would It Be?

Mountain Beltway: 7 billion people.

Scientific American: U.S. Glossed Over Cancer Concerns Associated with Airport X-Ray Scanners.

Almost Diamonds: We Thought You Should Know…

***Dave Does the Blog: Bigotry.

Good Education: Was This Professor Fired for Requiring Students to Think?

Los Links 11/4

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