Geological Photo Touring: Bringing Landscapes Alive

This is absolutely glorious. Set aside ten minutes and savor it:

Ellen Morris Bishop is one of my favorite geology writers in the entire universe. Her In Search of Ancient Oregon is a confection of geology, paleontology, and superb photography. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much while my eyes have been presented so much gourmet candy. I need to get me on one of her geology photo tours someday.

Geology, I’ve noticed, entirely changes ones perspective on landscapes. There are places I go now that I wouldn’t have thought beautiful or important or wonderful before, but do now. Places full of lovely scenery are all the more spectacular for knowing something of how they became so. I hope more people start doing things like this, because there’s nothing like seeing the world through a geologist’s eyes to make you adore it all the more.

As Ellen said, “Oftentimes people don’t really know enough to engage their imagination.” Knowing, that precious knowing, allows us to look at the seemingly ordinary and see the extraordinary.

Thank you, Ellen, for giving us that knowledge!

Geological Photo Touring: Bringing Landscapes Alive