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Made it! For a while, there, blog reading just wasn’t happening and I was afraid we’d end up with a Los Links that was only five links long. I’m sorry I had to neglect you all in order to carve out the time, but when you see some of the delights I found for you, I suspect most will be forgiven.

Do enjoy!

Steve Jobs

I’m a Chordata! Urochordata!: Thanks, Steve, for helping SCIENCE!

Skeptoid: A Lesson in Treating Illness.

The Guardian: Steve Jobs: ‘Death is very likely the single best invention of life’.

The Onion: Last American Who Knew What The Fuck He Was Doing Dies.

Respectful Insolence: Steve Jobs and pancreatic cancer, revisited.

The Wirecutter: Steve Jobs Was Always Kind To Me (Or, Regrets of An Asshole).

XKCD: Eternal Flame.


Occupy Wall Street 

Tauntr: Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent.

The Guardian: Occupy Wall Street: inquiries launched as new pepper-spray video emerges.

The Atlantic: An Obviously True Point About the NYPD Coward Cop.

AlterNet: How Killer Student Debt and Unemployment Made Young People the Leaders at Occupy Wall Street.



Quest: GeoZeum: A Personal Museum of Geology.

Neuroskeptic: Why Brain Scanners Make Your Head Spin and To Catch A Predator… With A Brain Scanner?

Metageologist: Metamorphism: grade, zones, index minerals, and whisky.

Nature News: Secrets of the human genome disclosed.

Doing Good Science: Evaluating scientific claims (or, do we have to take the scientist’s word for it?) and Drawing the line between science and pseudo-science.

Science Daily: Southern California’s Tectonic Plates Revealed in Detail.

Atomic-o-Licious: Why My Children Have a Better Chance at a STEM Career Than Yours.

Superbug: Can Better Bathroom Design Combat Infections?

Times Higher Education: Peers, review your actions.

The Loom: #ArsenicLife Goes Longform, And History Gets Squished.

Live Science: Earthquake-Magnifying Pocket Beneath Seattle Seen in New Detail.

Cocktail Party Physics: Love Among the Equations.

Good: Amazing Map of All of America’s Dialects.

Highly Allochthonous: Scenic Saturday: the remnants of volcanism past, Proof of earthquake triggering in Christchurch? Not so fast…

About: Green Minerals.

Guardian: Pass notes, No 3,052: The Fermilab Tevatron.

White Coat Underground: Stay away from chiropractic neck manipulation and Supporting the unsupportable.

Culture of Science: Attention New York Times Readers: You Probably Do Not “Love” Your iPhone. Literally.

The Columbus Dispatch: Simple clam shell helps explain when mountains formed.

Brain Pickings:  Maphead: Exploring the Mystery of Why Maps Sing to Us.

The Scicurious Brain: IgNobel Prize WINNER: The beetle and the beer bottle, a tragic love story.

Grist: How Central Park cools the entire planet.

Science: Two-Year Colleges Are Jumping Into the U.S. Research Pool.

Science Sushi: Social Media for Scientists Part 2: You Do Have Time.

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: Shock Vein Glory.

Scientific American: Tracing the Trickle-down in Roman Recycling.

Eruptions: The Flood Basalts of Mercury.

Scientific American: World’s Largest River Restoration Project Begins.

Uncovered Earth: The Hidden Life of Bridges, Homeopathy & Why Homeopaths Should Hate It and A Geological History of Sullivan’s Gulch.

Dinosaur Tracking: What It’s Like Inside a Dinosaur.

Bad Astronomy: Gorgeous globular hides hundreds of rejuvenated stars.

JAYFK: Stop wasting money on alternative flu remedies, says Time.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: R is for Rutile.

Puff the Mutant Dragon:  Sunrise in the Garden of Dreams.

GeoMika: Job Title: Field Geophysicist.

NeuroTribes: What’s the Most Important Lesson You Learned from a Teacher?

Scientific American: Islamic Artisans Constructed Exotic Nonrepeating Pattern 500 Years Before Mathematicians.

Annals of Spacetime: i can haz nobel pryz?

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Trust in The Facts, Not Your Version of Them.

Clastic Detritus: The Joy of Going to the Library.

Surprising Science: The Invasive Species We Can Blame On Shakespeare.

IAG Planetary Geomorphology Working Group: Inflated Lava Flows on Earth and Mars.

The Landslide Blog: Geological evidence for a large landslide in Tenerife .

Scientific American: Molecules to Medicine: Clinical Trials for Beginners.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Monkeys grab and feel virtual objects with thoughts alone (and what this means for the World Cup).

Agile: Reuse and recycle.

USGS: Postcards from the Field.



Writer Beware Blogs: The Agenda of “The Write Agenda”.

Deep-Sea News: Getting on the same page with Science Journalists.

io9: Handy Flowchart for Choosing Among NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing:  Drink the Kool-Aid.

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week: Authors versus publishers.

Patricia C. Wrede: Getting to know them.

Terrible Minds: 25 Things You Should Know About NaNoWriMo.

Lingua Franca: Mistakes Are Made (but Using the Passive Isn’t One of Them).

The Coffee-Stained Writer: NaNoWriMo 2011: let the fun begin!

The Passive Voice: Self-Publishing: Is Print Worthwhile? and Cleaning Up Your Word Processing File Before You Publish

Nature: Here be monsters.

Surprising Science: Ann Finkbeiner: Why I Like Science.

Culturing Science: Inaccuracies in fiction: when is reshaping fact appropriate?


Women’s Issues

The Fortress of Soliloquy: An Unproductive Response.

Pandagon: Humorless morons cracking rape “jokes”.

Republica: Talking about menstruation.

The Atlantic: Refusing to Kill Daughter, Pakistani Family Defies Tradition, Draws Anger.

Gothamist: SlutWalk NYC: Thousands March To End Sexual Violence, Shaming Of Victims.

Cronkite News: At Flagstaff clinic, women seeking abortions told to go to Phoenix.

Butterflies and Wheels: A man generally cannot know.

McClatchy: FBI seeks to expand definition of rape.

Guardian: Facebook is fine with hate speech, as long as it’s directed at women.

Lousy Canuck: The Problem with Privilege (or: Evidential Skepticism).

The Guardian: Why are so few popular science books written by women?


Religion and Atheism

Rock Beyond Belief: Foxhole Atheists are fighting for your rights, please return the favor.

Ars Technica: The Binding of Isaac takes on religion in a randomly generated Zelda-styled Roguelike.

The Digital Cuttlefish: Church Under Attack… By Self.

Pharyngula: A greedy religiosity consuming everything in its path!

This Week in Christian Nationalism: EXCLUSIVE: Defendant in Most Ironic Lawsuit Ever (David Barton v. Some People Who Said Stuff About Him) Responds.

Almost Diamonds: Standing on Aether, Thinking Airy Thoughts.



Respectful Insolence: The politics of anti-science: Global warming, vaccines, GMOs, oh my!

NationalJournal: Retired Republicans Quietly Try to Shift GOP Climate-Change Focus.

ThinkProgress: McCain Dismisses Cheney’s Demand That Obama Apologize For Rebuking Bush Administration’s Use Of Torture.

Bloomberg: Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales.

Scientific American: Why Conservative White Males Are More Likely to Be Climate Skeptics.

Hot Topic: Water, water everywhere…

Skepticblog:  Faux (Fox) Pas .


Society and Culture

KGW.com: Experts: Time is now to prevent landslides.

The New York Times: Hiring Locally for Farm Work Is No Cure-All.

Bad Astronomy: Wall Street Journal: neutrinos show climate change isn’t real.

Rolling Stone: The Coming Decline and Fall of Big Coal.

Today:  Teen’s parents: After suicide, he’s still being bullied.

World Policy Institute:  Innovation Starvation.

Deadspin: Screw You, And Screw Your Man Card.

Laughing Squid: TSA Requires Breast Cancer Patient To Submit To Pat Down After Scan.

SmartPlanet: The silent infrastructure crisis.

The New Civil Rights Movement: Principal Assaults Student For Wearing Tee Advocating Gay-Straight Alliance.

Mike the Mad Biologist: How Standardized Testing Leads to School Dropouts.

John Scalzi on Scifi: Six Reasons It Sucks to Be a Jedi.

Jednorog:  Pride and Prejudices.



Memoirs of a Roadie: I Am the One You Warned Me Of.

Los Links 10/7
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