The Days of Doom

So, here’s the status: the company I work for is getting far more annihilated by the release of a certain phone than anticipated. This means I’m catastrophically behind rather than merely dramatically behind in my reading, research, and writing. Time to answer comments, emails, etc. is severely lacking. So if you’re met by a wall of silence, it’s not because I don’t love you, but because if you want Los Links to be more than five links long and hope to see quality content on this blog soon, it may take me a while to get back to you.

I’ve got some prewritten posts ready to go. The cantina won’t be falling silent. But you’ll notice a rather heavy emphasis on matters SF, as those are the ones I’d written up in advance. I’ll try to leaven those with some fresh geological goodness.

Things should calm down a bit after Sunday. I say should. If they roll out mandatory overtime, however, that happy state of affairs could get unhappy in a hurry.

There are also some health issues interfering with my ability to type for more than a half-hour at a time. No worries, it’s just the usual complaints brought on by years of typing ten+ hours per day. When I do email you or respond to your comments at last, I may sound a bit terse. I’m sorry about that!

Incidentally, if you’ve ever wanted to guest blog for the cantina, now’s the time to mention it. I could use some pinch hitters, and I know there are some brilliant writers in this crowd who may be wanting to get some eyeballs on their work. I’m thrilled to oblige. You can find me on Yahoo under dhunterauthor. Pitch me a topic.

All that said, keep the comments coming. You lot have been amazing, and you’re a large measure of my success as a writer. Without you, much of what I do would not be possible. You’ve earned an enormous drink. Go have one forthwith.

See ye soon, my darlings!

The Days of Doom