A Geologic Orchestra? Geology Puns? YES!

This is genius. George Hrab and the Geologic Orchestra are putting on a show called A Gneiss Night Out. My heart went pitter-pat before I’d even listened to a song.

Now, I had no idea who George Hrab was (shut up, I know I’m weak on skeptic pop culture). Didn’t matter. Geologic Orchestra, people. A Gneiss Night Out. Now I’m gnashing my teeth, because I won’t be able to make it to Bethlehem, PA in February for the show. But you might be able to. And if you can, you should absolutely go. Let there be geologists in the audience cheering for terrible geology puns and amazing good science songs.

And you’re saying, “But Dana – even a band with an awesome name and a weakness for the puns we love has to actually be good before we’ll go.”

No worries on that front. Here, sample this:

See? Awesome.

All right, so there’s not actually much geology involved – it’s a pun on his name – but it’ll still be fun. If you can make it, go. Report back. And tell the bugger to tour the West Coast ASAP. He’s got a Geologic Orchestra, he should be playing a subduction zone, damn it.

A Geologic Orchestra? Geology Puns? YES!