You Might Wanna Patch Up Firefox

Interesting security vulnerability we’ve got here.  Before you hook up to an open wi-fi network again, you might wanna take countermeasures.

Tip o’ the shot glass to Silver Fox for the alert!

You Might Wanna Patch Up Firefox

2 thoughts on “You Might Wanna Patch Up Firefox

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    Welcome to another of the many reasons I don't use things like Facebook. They are almost never designed with security in mind.While that Firefox extension is a good one, you can generally achieve the same thing by changing the "http:" in a URL to "https:". Just look for the lock symbol to make sure you're actually using HTTPS.

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    It's not really a Facebook problem, per se. The security issue is that FireSheep steals your login cookies; some sites allow login to happen in http mode. For sure try to force the login to switch to https. Any way possible!

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