We Loved You, Holly

Our own George W. and his wonderful Mrs. DoF lost their beautiful, brave baby girl today.  They gave her one more summer and a fall, one last squirrel chase, before the time came.  They gave her a lovely life.  Dearest Holly, you surely chose the right humans to own. 

We got to know her through the photos her daddy posted.  Who can forget that adorable little face, intent on a glass of milk?

From George’s Cats Album

We surely never will.  Hasta, Holly.  Oceans of love to you and your family.

We Loved You, Holly

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    Thank you Dana you are so understanding. She was a dear kitty, always exploring and funny and gentle.I miss her so much, and her brother has been following me around much of the day. I don't think he knows what to make of her absence, even though I made sure he had a chance to say goodbye.

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