Jindal's Speech Measures 8.9 on the Epic Fail Scale

Haven’t watched Obama’s speech yet cuz I’m too tired to enjoy it properly, but apparently it was amazing. It must’ve been – check these numbers:

From a CBS snap poll on President Obama’s speech:

Stimulus is going to help me?





That speech was something special, all right.

So was Bobby Jindal’s rebuttal. But, whereas Obama’s speech was special in that left-everybody-glowing way (and believe me, every single political blog I frequent is beaming right now, and that’s a damned lot of blogs), Jindall’s was special in the even-the-short-bus-is-too-long sense.

When the next great Republicon hero has even Faux News and the Free Republic groaning, you know that “blew leper donkey dick” doesn’t really begin to cover the gravity of the situation.

I’m not sure who it was who muttered “Oh, my God…” over an open mic when Jindal came mincing out, but put it like this: I’m surprised that person wasn’t shrieking like a girl. I shall have nightmares tonight, and they will involve Bobby Jindal as a murderous marionette.

No wonder even the MSM talking bobbleheads are using the word “strange” almost universally in their descriptions.

I’m afraid to actually watch the thing now. Seeing him walk out and say hello was creepy enough. I shall have to content myself with Firedoglake’s liveblogging, and the Daily Kos crowd’s magnificent smackdowns here, here, here, here and especially here.

For those of you too busy to peruse all those links, the takeaway is this: Bobby Jindal is a self-serving Con freak who had the gall to use Katrina as the jumping-off point for an anti-government diatribe, not to mention lied about being there; is addicted to Con lies like the imaginary earmark for a high speed rail line between Vegas and Disneyland (precious how he calls it a “magnetic levitation line” – what, Bobby, maglev sound too European for you?), and he thinks government scientists should stop monitoring things like active volcanoes. Seriously.

Bobby Jindal sez “Stop monituring teh volcanoz – monitur guvmint spinding insted!”

It’s really getting far too easy to make fun of these people. All I can say is, I sincerely hope Jindal and Palin battle it out in the primaries in 2012 – the entertainment value would be incalculable.

Jindal's Speech Measures 8.9 on the Epic Fail Scale
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