Friday Favorite Graph

Wow. Look whose stock is rising – and whose is sinking:

That’s right. All of the foot-stomping, fist-pounding, screaming, crying, lying, and hysterical fits are sending Congressional Cons’ popularity plunging while their self-esteem rises. Poor babies. I do hope there’ll be enough of them left after the next election for mutual back-patting.

I imagine the numbers will sink even further when Americans realize Cons are doing everything they can to guarantee jobs won’t come back:

According to MSNBC’s John Yang, all indications are that Judd Gregg didn’t even tell the White House that he had decided to withdraw his name from consideration for the cabinet before announcing it publicly.

Gregg also released his statement just as President Obama was about to speak at the Caterpillar plant in Peoria, Illinois. (Caterpillar has said that as soon as the stimulus is signed into law, it can begin rehiring laid-off workers.) [emphasis gleefully added]

All this strongly suggests that Gregg’s move was calculated partisan politics, and it underscores this fundamental truth of modern politics: the Republican Party can not, and will not, put partisan politics aside for the good of the country.

If the above graph is any indication, the American electorate is starting to realize that.

This is actually wonderful, uplifting news for me. It means that more of my fellow Americans can see through a Con job than I expected. We’re making progress.

Maybe by the time Darwin turns 225, I’ll have another graph to applaud rather than mourn.

Friday Favorite Graph
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