Backing Bush Down

Sometimes the environment wins:

Here’s some unexpected good news. The Bush administration has decided to back down on its last-minute efforts to loosen a pair of environmental regulations:

The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday abandoned its push to revise two air-pollution rules in ways that environmentalists had long opposed, abruptly dropping measures that the Bush administration had spent years preparing.

….The proposal on parks would have changed the rules for new plants being built nearby….Clean-air advocates had protested that this might allow parks such as Virginia’s Shenandoah — where the famous mountaintop views are already obscured by smog and haze — to become even dirtier on certain days.

….The other rule dealt with the agency’s New Source Review process, which dictates when existing power plants must implement additional pollution-control measures….John Walke of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group, said the rule would have allowed plants to operate for longer hours and produce more overall pollution.

It’ll be interesting to see what prompted the sudden reversal. Is Bush so concerned with burnishing his image that he’s caving on a few environmental rules so that he can later prance around saying what a good green boy he was?

Note to Bush: you can’t put a shine on shit. But if it helps stop your destructive new rules, by all means, keep trying.

Backing Bush Down