This Is Why

Go here.

Look at the pictures.

I never thought I’d see anything like this in my lifetime.

It’s not just Obama. It’s my heroes – people like Bill Clinton and Al Gore – looking as though they’ve been mainlining hope and purpose.

It’s the tears flowing down regular American faces as Obama gives a speech that hands us not just a dream, but a mandate.

It’s that shot to America’s arm, pulling her back from the brink of death and despair.

You want to know why I’m not worried about handing him the keys to the country?

It’s not just because I agree with his policies. It’s because I know who he’s invited to walk through the door with him. It’s because I know we need both sound judgment and inspiration to get us through these next tough years.

He’ll give us plenty of both.

This Is Why
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5 thoughts on “This Is Why

  1. 1

    Dana, I have enjoyed all of your postings on the election, when I can stop poll surfing long enough. (sigh)I finally believe, this time we get our country back. I have voted in every election since I was 18, now 56, and this is the first time I have voted for and not just against a candidate.Cheers darling – JeffreyD

  2. 4

    I did, too. Weepy and proud. It’s not often that something actually important makes me feel that way.I feel similar to Jeffreyd there, except I think I’m also being spoiled here, as it is my first Presidential election, and I’m getting to vote for someone, rather than against.Here’s hoping that this is a good week.

  3. 5

    Wow. This actually gave hope to me for the first time in a month. All those people are just like me, desperately grasping for hope in times like these. Vote for change tommorrow and don’t let those who would prey upon fear and ignorance try to tell you otherwise. It’s your right to vote – USE IT!These two men looked at what was wrong with this country and instead of just bitching about it, decided to put themselves on the line. Do not disappoint them or waste all their time or hard work. I know you are yearning for change, like myself, and the only way to affect change is to vote for and work for change. Now to add some levity tothis, I think Ms. Dana deserves a break and some applause for keeping us informed. Dana, you deserve to party like it’s 1999 so you should definitely go see Dimmu on Saturday in your neck of the woods!

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