Pour That Man the Best Drink in the Cantina

Richard from the Panda’s Thumb earned my undying affection long ago. He works his ass off keeping us up on the antics of the anti-science crowd, and he did me the great honor of agreeing to be one of my Wise Readers in the event I actually get away from political bullshit long enough to actually write a story. (Which will happen just as soon as Obama and the Dems sink this rim shot, I swear it.)

Now, he’s earned himself a lifetime of free drinks:

A Way With Words

Apropos of practically nothing normally on PT, I really like Dana Hunter’s way with words


Muchos gracias, mi amigo.

This goes for all of you, my darlings: I will never be able to express all of you mean to me. You’re my light in dark places. And you do outstanding work making this world a better place. You’re very much appreciated.

Never forget that.

Pour That Man the Best Drink in the Cantina
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    Yeah, I got to your site by way of Panda’s. Reading your stuff is a blast. I will post some decent comments after I drink my way through this shit merlot from Walmart.

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