We'll Have to Keep a Weather Eye on This One

There’s a new site up called If McCain Wins

If it were a novel, it’d be shelved under Horror. With each day that passes, I’m more and more certain that a McCain presidency would be the end of this republic. We’d have another depraved, lying fuckwit in the Oval Office. The only real difference between McCain and Bush is that McCain isn’t frat-boy mean. He’s cruel-son-of-a-bitch, destroy-your-opponent mean. He’s surrounding himself with the most evil fuckers he can find. He’s willing to pander to the worst of the worst to achieve his dream of becoming Commander in Chief before he dies. And he’s got absolutely nothing to lose.

Conservative kool-aid connoisseurs may support him because they just can’t bring themselves to vote for a liberal black man. That would make their rotting brains explode. But they’re worried, too. They want reassurance. They want to know they’re not going to be responsible for an unmitigated disaster if they vote for this piece-of-shit opportunist. You could hear it in the howls of agony when McCain finished the Republicon race as the last con standing, and you can hear it now as folks on the right start searching for reasons as to why McCain’s not the epitome of evil after all.

They can head over to If McCain Wins… for a vision of what the future they’re tentatively hoping for will be. Some of them might even find some comfort in it.

Not everyone has an easy time with reality. Not everyone can see the truth.

We'll Have to Keep a Weather Eye on This One