Happy Hour Discurso

Today’s opining on the public discourse.

We gots to get us some edimicashun in this country:

The impression that Obama is Muslim varies by education, region, and religious background. Voters who did not attend college are three times as likely to believe Obama is Muslim when compared with voters who have a college degree (15% vs. 5%). [emphasis added]

Here’s a thought: let’s offer a free public course entitled “Just Because It’s In Your Inbox Doesn’t Mean It’s True.”

Sigh. All right, time for a public service announcement:


I need another drink. And let’s see what else we’ve got here… oh, now, this is good:

[McCain] has opposed extending the assault weapons ban, federal hate crimes legislation, the establishment of the International Criminal Court, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, pro-labor legislation, ergonomics rules, lawsuits against gun manufacturers, and benefits for gay partners. He has supported privatizing Social Security, conservative judicial appointments, the teaching of intelligent design in public schools, tax cuts for the wealthy, and the posting of the Ten Commandments in public schools (Free Ride, Pages 139-140). On national security, McCain has consistently proven himself to be one of our most hawkish senators. Conservative groups such as the American Conservative Union and the Christian Coalition of America routinely give McCain high marks (Free Ride, Pages 145-146). [emphasis added]

Anyone here still think McCain’s a moderate? No? Didn’t think so.

Moving on, then. Sad news, alas. It looks as though Rush Limbaugh won’t be prosecuted for fraud for encouraging Republicons to game the Democratic nomination:

As for Limbaugh’s chances of facing charges, Jennings said, “We have no intention of prosecuting Rush Limbaugh because lying through your teeth and being stupid isn’t a crime.”


But at least we can end with some good news:

The Wright controversy has not heightened the public’s impression that Obama’s race will undermine his chance in the general election if he is the nominee. Only 21% say Obama’s race will hurt his chances, compared with 25% who held that view in January. [emphasis added]

And the analysis I read shows that number steadily on the wane since September. This bodes very well indeed – if you’re not a racist fuckhead, that is. It would be premature to drink to America’s first black president, but I’ll drink to America’s first extremely viable black candidate, and the beginning of this country finally beginning to practice what it preaches.


Happy Hour Discurso
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