Update on Social Justice Resources!

Hey, did you know I had a huge list of social justice resources that I frequently update?

Probably not, because I can’t get the tab to show up at the top of the page. But in any case, now you know.

It’s pretty easy to use (in my humble opinion). Everything’s categorized and resources that are best for newbies are marked with an asterisk. I’m always looking for more stuff to add, so please don’t hesitate to make suggestions. This is especially true for subjects I’m not very knowledgeable about or experienced in. I don’t think I can allow comments on the page itself, so feel free to either leave suggestions in the comments to this post or email me. Or Twitter or Facebook or whatever. And, of course, feel free to share it with others.

Also, speaking of pages that you probably haven’t seen, here’s my updated comment policy. Ignore it at your peril. 😛

Update on Social Justice Resources!

15 thoughts on “Update on Social Justice Resources!

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    A very good start.

    I’m always looking for more stuff to add, so please don’t hesitate to make suggestions.

    OK. Your “Mental Health/Illness” section should include something along the lines of this and this, a broader discussion of humanistic psychology, and probably links to MindFreedom and the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights.

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    Miriam, you might find this one interesting…

    It is an anti-natalist blog, but has plenty of really good essays on abortion, rape culture and politics in general.

    The author does a great job of critiquing the ‘natalist’ movement, and how they objectify women and children.

    He has a wonderful collection of links as well.


  3. 6

    I left a comment on that post that’s in moderation due to hyperlinks. Summary: Hugo Schwyzer is a disgusting, murderous, smarmy, narcissistic predator who does not belong on any list of social-justice resources. His Good Men Project is pretty rancid too in its underlying assumptions.

  4. 8

    I am sort of impressed by the login system. There’s no login link (or at least not one I could see) near the comment box. When I comment anyhow, I get a message that I’m possibly an impostor; when I hit Back, my comment wasn’t saved. And when I find the login link and attempt to log in, I get a PHP error.

    I am grateful to the internet for training me to expect smoother logins. (I realise I should send this to whoever owns/runs FTB itself; I am just undercaffeinated and annoyed.)

    ANYWAYS, input:

    * Please add a link to and/or an indication of transcripts of videos. Not everyone can watch them, for a variety of reasons.

    * Please remove Hugo Schwyzer; he is beyond useless; check this, plus links in the post:

    * Oh man, that children/parenting section has two links? And one’s an article? Start here; I can’t promise owt about the sidebar links there, but it’s a good list to peruse:

    * Oh, useful advice column on polyamory:

    * Another useful website on poly:

    * For classism/poverty, Scalzi’s “Being Poor” article:

  5. 9

    Left a list of links; I’m still in mod. Of all things, the most important to me is to remove Hugo Schwyzer from the list. See Feministe, 2012-01-17, for more information.

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