Young Women of Color & Social Justice FTB Panel


For communities of color, social justice is more than just a cool buzz phrase to trot out in comfortable online forums and confabs.  Nationwide, communities of color are reeling from the structural impact of economic depression, historic assaults on public education and deepening residential segregation.  On Saturday, February 1st  feminist commentators and activists from the POC freethought/humanist/atheist community will discuss the relevance of these issues in communities of color and the prospects for organizing and coalition-building within a humanist context.  The panel is sponsored by Secular Woman.

Secular Woman







Time: 1PM EST


Kimberly Veal, Black Freethinkers & Black Skeptics & Raina Roades, Black Freethinkers & Roades to Reality blog


Georgina Capetillo, Howard U

Heina Dadabhoy, Skepchick

Noa JonesLoudish blog


Young Women of Color & Social Justice FTB Panel

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