People of Color Beyond Faith Roundtable: Debunking Postracialism

On Sunday, November 24th the People of Color Beyond Faith network will host a live roundtable discussion on the myth of postracialism, racism and “diversity” in the secular/atheist/freethought movement, social justice, and intersectional issues amongst non-believers of color. Where: Google Chat/Youtube Time: 11am PST (1pm CST/2pm EST) Moderator: Sikivu Hutchinson Panelists: Kimberly Veal, Black Freethinkers & Black Skeptics Chicago Donald Wright, Houston Black Non-Believers Raina Roades: Black Freethinkers – The RSS Feed & Rhoades to Reality

People of Color Beyond Faith Roundtable: Debunking Postracialism

3 thoughts on “People of Color Beyond Faith Roundtable: Debunking Postracialism

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    Okay, I finally get it! My initial impression was that this video was simply an example of very bad audio. But then it occurred to me the genius of prompting the evolutionary development of the “Third Ear” through the natural selection. process! –Other than that “exercise”, maximum props for a well done program. One more thang: that pill you make your references to later in the program–that’s a cure! Wish I had taken the (Dark) Red Pill of reason much sooner.! Looking forward to more similar programs distinguishing the issues of materialist of African decent (and humanist of color in general).Peace.

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    It sounds like the issue is that everyone who isn’t speaking should have their microphones muted, but it isn’t happening automatically, like it would with some chat programs. Not sure what you could do about that.

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