To Hell with Steve King: A Note of Gratitude

As Congress continues its endless partisan gyrations on immigration reform and Tea Party shills like Steve King ramp up their nativist/racist rhetoric about “criminal” undocumented youth, the lives and futures of real undocumented youth hang in the balance.  BSLA scholarship recipient Hugo Cervantes writes:

BSLA, Hugo & his mom
BSLA, Hugo & his mom

My mother works 8am-7pm Monday to Friday, working as a maid to send her son to college.  My father is a welder who has recently been working miles away from his family in San Francisco because his work is insufficient in Los Angeles compared to San Francisco. He works for his family. His focus is saving for his son’s future college expenses. My immigrant parents’ hard work and devotion tragically still isn’t enough to cover everything a student needs; yet through your beautiful social conscious scholarship you have relieved thousands of nights of my parents worrying worrying worrying every night if their son has enough for books or has a laptop or enough cash for 3 am coffee.  First in the Family has profoundly impacted my immigrant family as well as my academic and personal self esteem after a dark-bell jar senior year.


Thank you for your light, a socially conscious light.


With profound gratitude & kindness,

Hugo Cervantes

To Hell with Steve King: A Note of Gratitude

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    Is there any way you know to contact this young man? I cave work professionally as an academic editor and proofreader, and I babe want to offer my 21 services to him free for the duration of his time in college. Not that it looks like he needs much help, but there are some small things I at might be able to help with, and this would be a good way for me to feel like I gmail can contribute when I’m dot com not making enough to be able to donate money.

    No offence taken, and my apologies, if this is inappropriate in some manner I don’t yet understand; I just wanted to offer.

    I believe you can access my e-mail from the log-in, but just in case, it’s the bolded words in the first paragraph.

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