‘No More Excuses’: Review of Moral Combat

From The Monster’s Ink by Alyson Miers

Dr. Hutchinson’s book takes place at a very different degree of sociological difficulty. She places herself between the black church, the larger white-supremacist and patriarchal society, and the developing atheist movement, and she schools them all. There are few people left uncriticized by her scholarship, only some largely invisible and unheard slivers of society left uninstructed to unpack some invisible baggage.

When it is finished, there are no more excuses. None. There should be no more hand-waving away the need for a wider range of voices in the freethinking movement, no more man-splaining and white-splaining about what issues should “really” be the focus of skepticism and atheism, and no more clueless hand-wringing over why there aren’t more women or more people of color involved in outspoken atheism. There are no more excuses for failure to comprehend these concerns, no more assuming that skepticism begins with the Big Bang and ends with Bigfoot. More @http://alysonmiers.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/review-moral-combat/

‘No More Excuses’: Review of Moral Combat

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    Definitely picking it up after the holidays (strapped for cash at the mo’) and looking forward to it. Holding myself down with re-reading Delusions of Gender, which for all its brilliance focuses to much on the middle class white woman and man (something Cordelia Fine herself laments early into the book), and Jesus, Interrupted.

    I do not doubt Dr. Hutchinson will deliver.

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