RH Reality Cast

I’ve finally started listening to RH Reality Cast, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. If if there’s one thing that I enjoy more than reading Amanda Marcotte’s caustic wit, it’s hearing her passionate take-downs of patriarchal, religious, and right-wing bullshit flow from my car speakers. A new half-hour episode airs every Monday, so it’s always an exciting, blood-boiling start to the week. This week Amanda warns us that Todd Akin is back in the news, this time wanting us all to believe that we just didn’t understand what he meant by “legitimate rape” (from his infamous quote in 2012), she interviews Teddy Wilson about the Operation Save America harassment and trespassing currently taking place in New Orleans, and of then there’s my favorite segment, The Wisdom of Wingnuts.

If you like hearing from strong women who don’t mince their words when they’re pissed off about attacks on reproductive freedom and sexual health, you might want to try out RH Reality Cast.

RH Reality Cast
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    You know, as much as I adore Amanda Marcotte (I read most of the posts on Pandagon), I don’t think my iPhone would survive long if I listened to podcasts on the topics she covers. The salve of Marcotte’s commentary can only mitigate so much. Reading about those things affords much more of a distance than listening. If I get too worked up, I can easily skim or skip the contributions of the reactionaries, which are usually in blockquotes or embedded tweets. Not so with listening (or watching, which is why I don’t seek out Rachel Maddow’s show, either).

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      I’m glad you found a medium that suits the health of both you and your iPhone! Also, It’s comes as no surprise to literally anyone anywhere that I am a huge Rachel Maddow Show fan. 🙂

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    Eeeeeeee, RH Reality Cast is my favorite! It’s been years, but I think it’s how I found Amanda Marcotte in the first place, and then Pandagon from her byline on either RH Reality Check or maybe something published elsewhere. It’s nearly always amazing.

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