Cross-Country Connections: Technology

Cross-Country Connections is a Biodork weekly blog entry dedicated to telling stories in pictures of three family members – me, my sister and Mom – living in different locations across the country. Every week we choose a different theme and then take or contribute a personal photo that fits the theme. This week’s theme is Technology.

From Erin in Takoma Park, Maryland:

A hank of yarn has been arranged on a swift and has begun to be collected on a ball winder.
Winding yarn the high tech way! Using a swift and ball winder.

From Mom in Hagerstown, Maryland:

iPad with game displayed arranged in front of computer monitor showing grumpy cat on the screen.
Of course this photo was taken with my iPhone.

From me in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Various models of space-faring vessels, including Challenger, the solar panel station and some fictional vessels in the background.
The Minnesota Space Frontier Society – Minnesota Museum of Space Science and Science Fiction had a large display at MiniCon 49 this weekend. They have models of all sorts of space vessels, real and imagined.

Cross-Country Connections: Technology

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