The Hubby’s 40th

Last Friday we celebrated the Hubby’s 40th birthday. He decided that his ideal celebration would be dinner and a movie with friends, which over a few conversations evolved into renting a movie theater, showing one of his favorite movies of all time, and sharing dinner with ALL THE FRIENDS!

We decided to make the Hubby’s 40th birthday party kind of a big deal.

We rented the Capri Theater, which is located in North Minneapolis on Broadway, one of the major streets that goes through this part of town. We chose the Capri because it had some of the best rates of the theaters we checked out, and the Hubby liked the history of the place.

The Capri Theater - a two story building on the corner of Broadway and Logan in north Minneapolis

The Capri is a one-stage theater with a screen that lowers down from the ceiling. We had to have event insurance (which our renter’s insurance covered – who knew?) and the theater had a license that covered the movie we were showing, Raiders of the Lost Ark. The theater itself seats 250 people, and we had use of all of the front of house rooms: the lobby, the dance studio, the kitchen, the bathrooms.

The Hubby and I both took that Friday off from work. We had done most of the planning beforehand (invites, ordering food, etc), and overall everything was pretty stress-free. Early that morning I baked a gluten-free cake for the small contingent of we GF people, and then we ran around town picking up supplies (including the “real” cake).

Three large flat sheets of cake balanced precariously on a Target shopping cart.

You can buy a lot of cake at Target.

A flat cart stacked with sandwiches, chips, soda, water, plates, napkins and other supplies.

Sandwiches, soda and chips, oh my! The Hubby made the mistake of asking the deli chef how long it had taken to make eight platters of turkey rollers. Yeah. That was a look.

While we were heading out of Costco we were dismayed to see that a heavy snow had started to come down.

Truck Bed

The bed of the Hubby’s Ford Ranger – it was a close call. I was seriously considering calling a friend to come help haul things over to the theater! And man – check out that snow – that all accumulated while we were inside the Costco for less than an hour!

We hadn’t checked the weather for the day; we hadn’t even considered that it might be an issue because the event was indoors, we had reserved parking and…it’s Minnesota. It snows all the time in Minnesota, and if we were to let snow stop us from going places we wouldn’t be out much at all between November and April! But this was pretty bad and the party was scheduled to start at the tail end of rush hour. While we ourselves were stuck on Hwy 394 I sent out a Facebook update letting everyone know that the movie would be pushed back 30 minutes to accommodate the crappy weather.

But in the end, it all worked out!

The spread: Turkey sandwich rollers, cake, chips and soda.

The spread: Turkey rollers, cake, chips, soda. Gluten-free cake, bread and vegetarian options (hummus and guacamole).

Me and the 40 Year-Old Birthday Boy

The Hubby stands with his sister next to a movie poster of Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Hubby and his sister next to his Raiders movie poster. He bought that poster back in the early 1990s and had to dig deep into the storage closet to find it. It was really cool to see it posted outside of the theater as people walked in from the lobby.

Finally, it was show time. Everyone filed in and found seats, the Hubby gave a five-minute(ish) speech and then the movie started! We did have one technical disappointment – we had bought the Blu-Ray of Raiders specifically for this event, but it wasn’t able to be read by the theater’s Blu-Ray player or computer. Luckily, the Hubby had brought the DVD as a backup, and that’s what we ended up watching. The sound and the visual was…not great. But the magic of Raiders of the Lost Ark is in the story and the action and the cheesy one-liners, and the AV quality became less important as people became engrossed. There were a few kids in the audience who had never seen Indiana Jones, and hearing about their experiences afterwards was its own kind of magic.

There were so many people from different walks of life who joined us at the party – work groups, social groups, fellow bloggers, friends from Minnesota Atheists and clinic escorting and gaming and scifi conventions. It was marvelous to be surrounded by everyone that who love and hold dear. All in all, great experience, great memories.


The Hubby’s 40th
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