A Fire in the Neighborhood

I came back from work to my house in South Minneapolis this evening around 5:30pm. As I came within a few blocks of my apartment I saw lights and yellow tape and a cop detouring traffic. *heart thump* I ended up parking at the opposite end of the block and asked a nearby fireman if it was safe to go to my house. I got the all clear – it wasn’t my apartment complex.


Walking up the empty, cordoned-off block towards my house. A traffic helicopter is in the sky.

According to ABC local news an explosion likely caused the commotion that was taking place across the street – one street and house away from us. No one was home during the explosion and fire, but one dog died [she writes as she takes a pause to pet the nearby cat perhaps a little too hard]. The news station interviewed one of the tenants, and he said that he lost thousands in musical instruments, artwork, electronics and action figures. A lot of that is irreplaceable, but I do hope the tenants of the four-plex all have renter’s insurance to help lessen the blow.

A few photos from the scene:

Cop Car

A police car and several fire trucks at the scene behind yellow barricade tape.

Fire and Safety Crews

Fire, safety and public works crews evaluate the scene.


On-lookers watch the scene from behind yellow barricade tape.

Traffic Helicopter

A news helicopter for KARE 11 hovers overhead.

Fire Trucks

Two fire trucks at the scene.

Firemen and Firewomen
Fire fighters standing in the street, waiting.


One fireman glances up while loading his truck with equipment.

A Fire in the Neighborhood
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2 thoughts on “A Fire in the Neighborhood

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    I had a scare like that a couple years back.

    My house was two doors uphill from my office. The coffee shop was another block downhill.

    So, I take a coffee break, walk about a block downhill, notice I forgot my wallet, turned back to the office, look uphill, and see the MASSIVE PLUME OF BLACK SMOKE from behind the office in the general direction of my house!

    Fortunately, it was an abandoned home far enough away from mine that it wasn’t an issue, but from that angle… yeesh!

    Glad everything’s ok.

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