Exploring Caye Caulker

I woke up on Friday feeling better – still with a head full of snot, but not tired, no joint weakness, and a normal appetite. Our hosts had to run into Belize City for the morning, so the Hubby and I decided to walk into town and explore the north end of the island. We walked up the front path that runs along the beach. There are a bunch of seaside resorts, rental homes and hostels that way and we eventually passed by the water taxis and popped up in “downtown” Caye Caulker. We saw a number of interests plants and animals along the way.

A plover strolls along the shore.


Nearly ripe sea grapes 


Big garobos 


Rickety dock is picturesque. 




Great Blue Heron in the sea by the shore.


While we are in town, the Hubby stops to look at hand crafted Mayan calendars.

We stopped for breakfast at a place called Brisas del Mar. The hubby had some pancakes and eggs, and I had a spinach, onion and mushroom omelete. And we sat here while we ate:


Red wooden benches and umbrellas situated among palm trees by the Carribean Ocean.

We continued our way north until we hit “The Split”. The local storytelling goes that Hurricane Hattie ripped the island asunder in 1961, but most people will admit that the Split is mostly an effect of dredging. The Split allows boats to travel from the east and west sides of the island very easily.


 Le moi at the The Split

The Split is as far north as you can walk on Caye Caulker, so we turned around and meandered our way back south. Along the way we found more wildlife and interesting sights:


A hummingbird at rest on a power line! 


An orange finch-looking bird  who’s name I’ll figure out later.


Birds enjoying a nice meal of rotten fruit. 


Drinking is fun. 


Belizean Grumpy Cat 

City Council meeting notice affixed to a local grocery store. 

Sweet Dr. Seussian flower that that totally looks like one of those LED toys.

We got back to the cottage and met up with our hosts. The we took our bikes back into the village to run a few errands. Before coming home, the Hubby and I had lunch at Rainbow Bar and Grill, an outdoor restaurant that sits over the water. I tried grilled conch, which is in season right now. I didn’t really enjoy the texture, which is very tough, or the taste, which I found fishy. But I tried it.


Rainbow Bar and Grill

Grilled conch with butter and garlic. Creamy cole slaw and a cone of rice and beans. 

The Hubby with his strawberry daiquiri. I had a pina colada AND a mojito. Because that’s how you know it’s a tropical paradise.

We got back home just in time for the start of the weekly “Jam”. Every Friday on Caye Caulker, people gather to listen to live music, dance, drink and hang out. I was feeling pretty worn out by this time, so I passed, but The Hubby and our host, Dave, went into town to take part in the jam. The Hubby brought back this photo:


People milling around at bar while the band plays.

As for me? I went snorkeling in the ocea in front of the cottage. It was a very productive swim – I saw a bunch of fish under the dock, and then I found three treasures in the grass: a puffer fish, a large orange starfish and THIS GUY:


This photo happens to be from Wikipedia, but this is EXACTLY what the yellow stingray that I saw looked like.

After swimming I came inside and hung out with Noelle. We chatted and played online and cooed over the dogs and chatted. The boys came home around 9pm and we ate black bean burgers that they had brought home from the sports bar. And then bed, glorious bed.

Exploring Caye Caulker
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      I just saw my first land crab tonight! The first was was neat – it was crossing Back Street under a street lamp and I thought it was really neat. The second one, however, came crashing out of the grass near my bike and now I hate them all. I can’t imagine what it’s like during their active season. *shivers*

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