The Pets of Sunrise Beach

While I was laying low yesterday I had plenty of company by way of the four animals who generously share their home with our hosts.


Beautiful Amber. Amber was adopted on Caye Caulker by Noelle. Amber was a stray dog who used to get into a lot of scrapes, sleep in drain holes and  have enough parasite problems for ten dogs. Now she’s the sweetest dog. A lot of the time she’s very somber and quiet, but she seems to be getting rowdier and more playful with every day.


Q is a 14-month old pitbull also adopted from Caye Caulker. Q has all of the energy one might expect from a 14-month old pit. She has huge dark pools for eyes and soft muzzle, and she’s not shy about letting you know that you should be paying attention to her before all others. 


Rudy – a bold and fearless Rotweiler in a little Pekingese body. Rudy travelled down to Caye Caulker with Noelle when they first moved here from Minnesota. Rudy seems to have adjusted well to the warmer climate. He is a fierce lizard hunter and loves to wrassle with the big dogs. 

The Split at Sunrise Beach: Snickett sprawled on the second floor with Noelle working in the kitchen on the first floor. Snickett is a classic cat – desperate to be pet and snuggled, but too proud to let you actually do it. A belly show-off.

Q relaxing in the bedroom air conditioning.


Amber and Rudy take a pause from tussling to pose for a photo.

The Pets of Sunrise Beach

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