Caye Caulker: Lazy Day

Yesterday was my recovery day. When I woke up I was weak – fatigued, congested and I had no appetite to speak of. I got up sometime around 7am and came downstairs to sit on the couch. I was feeling adventerous, so I decided to stand up and move outside to the downstairs porch. I started working on yesterday’s blog post and my lovely hosts – Dave and Noelle – brought me an orange juice and cup of coffee.

When Noelle announced that she was going to be making gluten-free chocolate pancakes, whatever had been blocking the signals from my stomach to my brain was cleared and I was suddenly famished. I came inside to help wash dishes while she prepped the pancakes.

Chocolate pancakes made with amaranth flours look dubious but tasted delicious. I liked them with some butter (MOAR BUTTER!) and rasberry jelly.

After breakfast the Hubby and Noelle decided to hit the water. This is how sick I was: I didn’t want to go swimming. Let’s look at that again: I didn’t want  to go swimming in the crystal-blue, bathwater-warm Carribean Ocean. Anyone who knows me well will understand the seriousness of this situation. I’m a water baby. I lurv being in the water. I didn’t want to go swimming because the idea of taking off my clothes, putting on a swimsuit, then have to take off the swimsuit after swimming and showering off and dressing again sounded exhausting.

I did, however, manage to stumble down the pier to see the giant starfish that Noelle found.


Noelle very gently holding a really big starfish!


Noelle carefully coaxing the starfish to loosen its suckers from her hand.


The Hubby holding the starfish before placing it in the grass so it can find a nice meal.

And then I snapped a few more photos on the way back inside:


The Bettie P – the last time I saw her, she was in Minnesota!


View of the dock, two motorboats and the cottages.


A blue-colored crab that I saw crawling in the water near the dock.


A female grackel poised to fly away.


One of our hosts, Dave, installing solar panels on top of a very hot tin roof. His shoes started to melt while he was up there!

After that grueling 20 minutes of walking around in the sun I came inside to have some lunch and chill on the couch. The rest of the day passed fairly quickly. I had a lot of good conversations with Dave and Noelle. We had a yummy lunch of rice noodles and leftover fish. I blogged. I sat around a lot and drank gallons of water. I worked on feeling better. The Hubby, Dave, Noelle and I played SkipBo later in the evening. And then to bed. I was pretty excited for bed because I was sure that I would wake up feeling well the next morning. I was excited like a kid waiting for Santa.

Caye Caulker: Lazy Day
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