9 thoughts on “Pareidolia Play Along 8: Who?

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    First thought is Oscar the Grouch (by far my favorite Sesame Street character). Then the curves (and the topic) put me in mind of the young woman who transforms into an elderly lady and back.

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    You’ve got me here. It looks like a mashup of critters I should recognize; a snail sitting on a pillar of enlarged barnacle plates on end (no barnacle, though) and colonized by tunicates, this atrocity growing out of a cushion of red seaweed, all anchored on the side of an oyster. With a bit of bryozoan netting for added goodness.

    Not possible, unless it’s something cooked up by Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson, the marine biologist.

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    I’m sick and tired of FtB’s constant abuse of Objectivism. Showing a picture that depicts a skeletal Atlas, holding up a collapsed and decaying world is sickening. That the obvious message is that Atlas starved because the collectivist masses refused to feed him is just obscene.

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    A mushroom . . . cloud.

    Which was necessary in order to destroy the Kraken, whose last tentacle is just visible above a petrified sea. Because nuclear physics + Norse mythology = water turning to solid at above freezing, although that should be obvious to any well-educated person, and no I don’t need to explain why it’s obvious, it just is, so there!

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    It is a decomposing foot, amputated just above the ankle. Perhaps dumped out of a boot by one of the survivors of the walking dead who needed new and better footwear.

    This does not explain the small, almost transluscent nudibranch? atop the tarsals.

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    “You see, Lars? I told you the witch would have fled back to her cave. It is her place of power and safety.” The tall, blond Viking spent a moment untying his battleaxe from his belt, where he had secured it for the long climb.

    “Aye, Anders. You were right.” The slimmer, dark-haired man drew his sword in kind.

    The two warriors stood before the towering peak as the ocean crashed against the rocks far, far below them. Wind whistled across the opening of the cave, creating the hollow moaning that kept most villagers far, far away from this desolate place.

    Without another word, they began forward, hefting their weapons in earnest. Tonight, it would end.

    Or so they thought.

    The tentacles spread out from either side of the cave mouth almost without a sound, and took the two warriors completely by surprise. In vain, they beat their weapons against the rubbery limbs, but the alien flesh was protected against mere iron and they could do no harm. Within moments, the screaming stopped as the tentacles tightened together with a crunch. Gore spurted from between the tendrils and splattered across the rocks as two lives were ended. Their pain was mercifully brief.

    Moments later, the only sound was the moaning of the wind.

    Perhaps the otherworldly, blood-stained tentacles that now blocked the entrance to the cave would warn the next would-be heroes to stay away.

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