Alphas and Amanda

I’ve been gobbling up a TV series called Alphas over the past couple of days. I didn’t think I was going to like it at first – it seemed like another X-Men story line with a really annoying “how does that make you feel” shrink playing the Xavier role. And Misfits has been doing the “what if normal people had superpowers” thing for a couple of years now, so I figured I had seen Alphas already. But I’ve gotten drawn into the storyline, and I freaking LOVE Gary.

I managed to get some photo editing done last night and am super excited to show off my top five favorite shots from last Wednesday’s Amanda Palmer concert. You can see all 18 of my faves here on  my Flickr account.

Amanda Palmer introducing one of the upcoming acts – it was either Ronald Reagan or Neil Gaiman. 

 Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman share a kiss while the crowd cheers on.

 Amanda Palmer on drums.

Amanda Palmer with Jherek Bischoff, Chad Raines and strings in the background.

The band’s videographer grabs the mike and belts a brief duet with Amanda Palmer. Jherek Bischoff and Chad Raines are in the background.

Damn that was a good concert!

Alphas and Amanda
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    The character of Gary so very much rocks. The actor puts a lot of effort into creating a believable character, and the writers give him great lines. He’s my favorite, too.

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