Extraordinary Evidence Expo This Weekend

At least that’s what I’m assuming they’ll have at the Creation Evidence Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana this weekend.

Nah. I’m fucking with you. It’ll be an exercise in failures of critical thought, blind devotion and ignorance of scientific fact (READ: LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!) and a delectable smorgasbord of logical fallacies.

And Louise Kellar – aka Spa_YediMonster on Twitter – will be there to report on all of it.

Louise has been attending the Creation Evidence Expo for four years running now. She’s low-key about not being a believer, but doesn’t hide that she disagrees with creationism. She asks questions of the lecturers about their claims in a calm, respectful manner.

Although she might poke a little fun this year:

Image is of a tweet from Louise Kellar that says “Would it be rude if I brought a case of Dr Pepper with me to the creation evidence expo?” The link she references is NPRs story about the uproar from creationists over Dr. Pepper’s “Evolution of  Flavor” advertisement.

I asked Louise why she’s so excited to attend the expo this year. She replied, “to observe the absurdity, politely challenge, test my patience, have a few laughs and go where even the most brave dare not go.”

Louise will be live-tweeting the conference, so give her a follow on Twitter if you want to take part in the facepalms, eye-rolls and outright belly laughs this weekend.

And if you’re near Indianapolis – or are willing to travel – you can meet up with Louise and a few other intrepid explorers to share in the live experience with them. More details are on her Facebook Invite page.

Also, I’m SO EXCITED (you can tell because I all-caps’d it) that Louise will be writing a full report on her experience after the event is over and posting it HERE at Biodork. Check back in after Saturday for her write up.

Extraordinary Evidence Expo This Weekend
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