Stay Classy, Senator Dan Hall

Dan Hall is a Minnesota state senator representing District 40, which includes areas of Burnsville and Bloomington. He’s a Republican and was one of 38 senators to co-sponsor and support MN SF 1308, the constitutional amendment to recognize marriage solely between one man and one woman.

Attempting to restrict the rights of the people you represent  is gross. Thumbing your nose at them on Twitter using your professional account is just plain nasty:

Get that? If you plan on voting no on Senator Hall’s constitutional amendment you’re not a Real American™. Because implying that your constituents who disagree with you are anti-American is AWESOME. And professional. And a viewpoint I’m looking for in a government representative and civil servant.

And he hasn’t taken it down! A later tweet says “Everyone seems touchy when I give them my observation. U read into it what U want, but no one is calling anyone unpatriotic.”

You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking. Of course no elected official in this day and age would accuse another US citizen of being un-American, right?

Stay Classy, Senator Dan Hall
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6 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Senator Dan Hall

  1. 2

    Let me growl and mumble and mutter something about symbolic and meaningless “patriotism” being the last refuge of scoundrels.

    I’m also picturing some kind of TSA security screening where no one who has an American flag pin on his/her lapel has to go through any scan or patdown before boarding a plane. A flag is an incontravertible symbol of patriotism, right? That kind of USAphilia could never be faked.

  2. F

    Why do conservatives treat flying the flag as some magical incantation? (Never mind that not every conservative does not fly a flag, therefore they are -what? – not real conservatives or Americans, too?)

    Personally, I’ve never understood the big deal about flags anywhere that one couldn’t possibly be confused by what country they are in. For some, it must be the the personal meaning with which they invest their flags, which have nothing to do with what the flag actually symbolizes. They treat it like a cross or other holy symbol. Even if they don’t actually follow the rules of the flag, and leave it in the dark, etc.

  3. 4

    Being in the US south, and having come here from the rural PNW, I find myself avoiding flag flying houses out of concern that the residents may feel they have something to prove about what a Real American is, and they just might randomly decide they should attempt proving it to me.

    Yay, nationalism? Nay, nationalism.

  4. 5

    Had to mention this, how many of these Patriotic Flag Waving REAL Americans that Hall has given his approval to, actually is flying the flag correctly?

    If you’re gonna be pissy about such things, Hall, they better be flying it correctly, including having it lit at night, making sure it’s an all weather flag if it’s not brought in during inclement weather, etc…

    For all that… The freedom to marry isn’t a patriotic issue, it’s a basic human rights issue, but I guess he’s not capable of understanding that. Don’t be throwing any inane distractions of patriotism or religion into it. If you’re human, adult and consenting, who the hell does it harm on what gender you choose to marry?

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