6 O’Clock BS – Tweet o’ the Day

Man – the internetz are ‘sploding with goodies today! The top news story that I’ve seen in my Twitter and Facebook has probably been responses to Todd Akin’s terminal (perhaps literally, at least with regards to his campaign) foot-in-mouth comments about legitimate rape and how us uteruses – errrr….I mean women – can magically destroy rapesperm and then all the backpedaling and not-pologizing.

There was a lot of tweetin’ going on, but I think this was my favorite:

Oh, John Scalzi! You make this world a better place.

Did you see any tweets about the Akin-Idiocy that you particularly enjoyed today?

6 O’Clock BS – Tweet o’ the Day
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One thought on “6 O’Clock BS – Tweet o’ the Day

  1. F

    I don’t see Tweets, but I certainly enjoy seeing anyone tear into people who make comments about things like “legitimate rape”. So thanks for your post.

    Oh, my very Catholic parents were having a time mocking and denouncing this idiot while I was with them today, which was fun. Although I would certainly forgo such fun if bigoted jerks disappeared. It’s only fun after the fact of their evil.

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