Chillin’ and Mille Laxin’

I’ve been enjoying an week with Mom, so it’s been a bit slow around here. She drove up from Carbondale, Illinois and has been staying with me and the Hubby in Minneapolis. During the day while I’m at work she hangs out at the house and works on her computer or runs around the neighborhood. As soon as I get home we go out on the town. So far we’ve been pretty laid-back. It’s been all:


Lookin’ at flowers and chasing bees.


Look – y0u can see Mom’s face in the glass stem below the cherry! 


Legoland at the Mall of America

Tonight we’re planning on going star-gazing at  Dodge Nature Center in St. Paul. The Weather Channel currently has this evening looking clear (no clouds), so it should be a good night for it. This weekend we’re going to drive up to Mille Lacs, although we don’t have much in the way of plans for that. We’re going to drive up and around the lake, chat, take photos, eat food at a local Mom-and-Pop restaurant, maybe try to rent a boat for a half day, and pretty much do whatever comes our way. 

I’ll be getting back to being all social justicey and atheisty and snarky and growly next week. Right now I’m in the grips of a lovely, lazy Minnesota summer.

Chillin’ and Mille Laxin’

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    Reading your activities i feel like the life is simple. No running to get the latest thing, no hurrying to do the latest activity that everyone else is doing. No obligation, only doing what ur heart tell you to do. I wonna appply it with my family and savor every moment with wife and kids, time never come back. It’s sure u live in a good place! I excuse for my bad english, i am from Rome! saluti!

    1. 3.2

      Magners is available here in Connecticut. Their apple cider is good, but my go-to is their pear cider. It has a clean taste. Funk has its place, but I have yet to find it in a cider. I am sure that would change if I could make a tour of orchards in England and Ireland at the right time of year. I’m ready to do that research!


      In any event, I have a friend from England who lives in the middle of cider country and she scoffs when I call fresh-pressed apple juice “hard cider”. If it is hard, she insists, it is CIDER. If it has no alcohol, it is juice. Not sure if I’m ready to adopt that nomenclature. But the term I do like is “perry” instead of pear cider. But when I go into a local bar and try to order a perry, I just get blank looks. When I ask if they have pear cider, it is another story and would I like Magner’s or Angry Orchard.

      Oh hell yeah, Magners!

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