God Has The Worst Plans

My speculation for what is currently going through George Zimmerman’s head: “Oh crap. So I freaked out and killed a defenseless kid, And they’re not falling for the “self-defense” thing. I can’t say I killed him because he was black…that’s not popular. Shitshitshit… WAIT! I GOT IT!”

“It’s God’s plan” is a non-answer, a non-explanation, a non-defense. It’s a refusal to answer questions. It’s a panicked, Hail Mary pass because George Zimmerman can’t explain his actions without admitting that he killed a teenager for no good reason.  And if that’s what he’s bringing to trial, my money is on a loooooooong jail sentence.

Atheists like to say that we can be good without gods. Here’s an(other) example of a believer being bad with gods. Belief in a god confers no automatic moral rectitude* on person. Belief in a god doesn’t make someone a good person, or mean that that their bad actions are forgiveable. Thanks for the reminder, George Zimmerman.


*Is “moral rectitude” redundant?  By definition it is, but would the sentence make sense if I had said “Belief in a god confers no automatic rectitude?”

God Has The Worst Plans
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12 thoughts on “God Has The Worst Plans

  1. 3

    *Is “moral rectitude” redundant? By definition it is, but would the sentence make sense if I had said “Belief in a god confers no automatic rectitude?”

    No (but possibly), and yes (though I imagine a lot of people wouldn’t get it (myself included until three seconds ago)).

    The first use is a different definition of rectitude than the second. YMMV, IANAEE, etc.

  2. 4

    GM: Roll to save vs. legal consequences.
    Zimmerman: I get a +5 modifier for Stand Your Ground, and I’m going to go for a Trial by Public Opinion.
    GM: Roll against Wisdom… Ouch, you shouldn’t have made Wisdom your dump stat – your recent behavior has given you a -5 penalty to Charisma.
    Zimmerman: Okay, then I’ll make a Public Act of Piety for a +10 modifier, and I can still go for a Mistrial re-roll if I fail, right?

  3. 5

    It’s possible it’s just a tactical move to gain sympathetic ears. We’ll have to see if anyone is gullible or brain-rotted enough to believe it.

    1. vel

      well, per the usual Christian batshit excuses of course God had a plan. He meant for people to die randomly. Louie Gohmert says so because his puny god is a whiny jealous brat.

  4. 10

    While serving ten years behind bars he will have plenty of time to sing “Circle of Life” and contemplate the beauty of God’s plan. IMHO that is how it would go if there were justice in the world.

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