6 O’Clock BS: Depressing NPR Stories

Yesterday was a depressing NPR day.

From le awesomely awesome “Teach The Controversy” line of t-shirts from Amorphia Apparel.

I caught part of Talk of the Nation yesterday after lunch. Namely, the part during which Neal Conan gave air time to Don “let the students decide” McLeroy to spout off his nonsense. McLeroy was there because TOTN was doing an interview with the executive producer of the new documentary film The Revisionaries, which is about the adoption (and attempted adoption) of new science and history curriculum standards by the Texas Board of Education. McLeroy is a key figure in the film. Creationism right after lunch gives me heartburn.

And then last night I was driving to Saint Paul for the Minnesota Skeptic’s Newbie Night and I learned about the Fortnight for Freedom. More on the Fortnight for freedom later. It’s…special… and gets it’s own blog post.

I wonder what in store for tonight’s commute. I’m scared!

6 O’Clock BS: Depressing NPR Stories

6 thoughts on “6 O’Clock BS: Depressing NPR Stories

  1. 4

    That is depressing.

    We learned about the Fortnight for Freedom the other night when my husband saw a sign at a church that said “Support Religious Freedom.”

    Sounds innocuous if you aren’t familiar with what the USCCCB are pushing.

    I hope you made it home with no more awful news. 🙁

  2. F

    Haha! I love the birthday cake, because not only is the Earth only 6000 years old, it is perpetually 6000 years old. It will still be 6000 years old in a thousand years, the way these people talk.

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