O Hai, Sun!

The sun’s up! When did that happen?

Well we did it – the last post of the Biodork Blogathon! And I do mean we. It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without you, and your encouragement kept me going through the slow parts.

I’ll see you again on Monday. Now it’s bed time.

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O Hai, Sun!

4 thoughts on “O Hai, Sun!

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    The sun’s up! When did that happen?

    Not the same time as it comes up here – step outside now and I see a black sky with Scorpius and the teapot of Sagittarius high above me, plus Achernar and its “bridge” or ‘H’ asterism and the Magellanic Clouds and Southern Cross mostly hidden by a tree.

    But then that’s living on a giant spinning sphere in space for ya!

    [Prepares to watch the very much held in daylight Canadian Grand Prix.]

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