ZOMG Guess Who I Just Talked To!

I’ll give you a few hints.

1) It was on the radio.

2) About a newly published book.


4) His last name rhymes with “LeBrass Bison”


That. Just. HAPPENED.

Stephanie Zvan over at Almost Diamonds did a brilliant job of interviewing Dr. Tyson for Atheists Talk radio, a production of the Minnesota Atheists. I was the intro/outro host, so after the intial introductions I got to sit back and just soak in the awesome while Stephanie did all of the hard work (mwahaha!). And during the commercial breaks we got to chat with Dr. Tyson. During one break we pondered whether a dead alien would be “stinky”, since while we know how bacteria act on dead Earth creatures in Earth atmosphere, it is up for debate whether alien flesh would be a viable host for terran bacterial growth in our atmosphere. The biologist, geek and fan girl in me swooned. And I learned new things (Legrangian points, e.g. – completely new concept for me)! I was glued to the dialogue and the end of the show came way, WAY too early.

This was a pre-recorded show for June. If you want to know when it comes out you can join the Minnesota Atheists Facebook page, or keep an eye on our Radio and Podcast page over at mnatheists.org. Or if you follow the podcast feed it should come through sometime in the beginning of June.

And hey! If you want Atheists Talk to continue to put kick-ass interviews with kick-ass guests like Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson out into the universe, maybe if you want you could send us a donation? Mmmm?

ZOMG Guess Who I Just Talked To!
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8 thoughts on “ZOMG Guess Who I Just Talked To!

  1. 3

    I know the thrill. I called him at his office to set up this interview. I saved his number on my cell phone for a while in case I could use it to pick up women (j/k).

    (Closed circuit to Dr. Tyson – I have deleted it. No one believed it was your real number.)

      1. I thought it was cool that I talked directly to him and not to an assistant. Also, it gives you and Stephanie and Greg and me one degree of separation from Charlie Sheen.

  2. 4

    I know the feeling.

    *Warning: Bragging ahead:*

    I used to work room service at a posh restaurant in Tucson, Az. One of the rare times I didn’t check the name list before delivering breakfast, I knocked on the door, and immediately recognized the occupant….

    I said, “Good morning, Mr. Sagan.” (I almost dropped the tray, I admit.) =)

    He was actually cool enough to chat with me for a few minutes before he had breakfast, and even requested to sit in my section at lunch and autographed my copy of Cosmos.

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