Sloganizing Atheism: Differences

This is the second Sloganizing Atheism post (this was the first). As a refresher:

Sloganizing Atheism is a response to the elebenty gazillion in-your-face religious billboards, church signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts or other propaganda. They’re so ubiquitous that I bet most people don’t even notice them. But they’re an annoyance to those of us who 1) don’t agree with the message, and 2) are offended by the privilege that allows this type of religious advertising to go unnoticed while we can’t put up one teensy tiny little bus sign that says “Atheists” without backlash.

So, here’s how it works:

I put up a photo and a (probably snarky) response and/or an atheist/secular alternative slogan.

You can play along by submitting photos of your own. If you see a religious billboard, church sign, bumper sticker, t-shirt or other propaganda, snap a photo of it and send it to bio_dork(at)hotmail(dot)com. You can either send along a response/atheist alternative slogan, or I’ll make one up. I’ll credit you by name for your contribution, or you can request to stay anonymous.

In the comments add your own original response or atheist/secular alternative to the sign o’ the day. As I mentioned in the first Sloganizing Atheism post, there may be prizes and/or internet points awarded for involvement at some point. If this picks up steam and I start having a steady supply of photos and participants there will likely be some sort of recognition for awesomeness.

Here’s today’s photo:

Church sign in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Snarky response:

Not all differences are good.

Secular alternative:

One person can make a difference.

Sloganizing Atheism: Differences
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18 thoughts on “Sloganizing Atheism: Differences

  1. 2

    I wanna get a set of various size letters, probably just all “o” or maybe an “o” and an “a” and add them to signs like this to change their meaning, like on that TV kids cartoon about controlling the narrative.


    “Jesus Dido”

    for no particular reason.

  2. 4

    crap, i think i just messed my comment up

    one person can
    make a difference
    jenny did

    bothering to type it again, it’s not even that funny, and i am not doing your contest right

    brilliant idea however, i’ll wait for the real wits to turn up

  3. 10

    If it’s a catholic church: “Martin Luther did.”

    If it’s a protestant church: “Joseph Smith did.”

    If it’s mormon church: “The prophet Muhammed did.”

  4. 13

    “One person can make a difference, even if he didn’t exist”?

    “One person can make a difference but Optimus Prime makes a bigger one”?

    “One person really can’t make a difference, give up & submit to your fate” Oh wait, thats basically what they’re saying

  5. 14

    “One person can make a difference. Judas did.”

    One brave man who made a hard decision and, ultimately, fulfilled the plan of his God. Where’s his national holiday?

    1. 14.1

      Oh SNAP! 🙂

      Also, Jesus was a god (according to the mythology), which makes it pretty disingenuous to use him as an example of one (human) person making a difference, no? Are they implicitly admitting Jesus WASN’T divine? Judas is a much better example.

      1. Very good point.

        “A co-eternal member of the holy trinity, creator and sustainer of the universe, fine tuner and intelligent designer of all that is, ground of all being, source of our moral intuition, and holy word made flesh, can make a difference.”

        Well, I should hope so!

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