Cross-Country Connections: Homemade

Cross-Country Connections is a Biodork weekly blog entry dedicated to telling stories in pictures of three family members – me, my sister and Mom – living in very different locations across the country. Every week we choose a different theme and then take or contribute a personal photo that fits the theme. This week’s theme is Homemade.

From Erin in Bellingham, Washington:

Here’s a Tiny Dinosaur I knit from a pattern here, posing in the only plant I’ve ever kept alive for longer than 6 months.

From Mom in Carbondale, Illinois:

My Steampunk chapeau I made for Halloween rests on the perfect “hat stand” an antique anniversary clock.

From me in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

The Hubby has been taking a lot of leatherwork classes lately. This is his most recent project. The method used to create the dragon on the vegetable-tanned leather is called “tooling” and the 3-D look (which isn’t immediately obvious in this photo) is called “embossing”. The next step is painting and then framing.

Cross-Country Connections: Homemade
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