All About the Duggars

“I understand that we have this thing called “freedom of religion” in our country, but I also believe that children have a right to an education, and teaching children one side of everything becomes indoctrination rather than education.”

Isn’t that a great sentiment?

I have never watched the Duggar’s TV show. The only things that I’d learned about the “19 and counting” family were whatever I happened to glean from magazine covers while waiting in the grocery store check-out line. But I recently ran across Libby Anne’s post on the perception of the Duggars as a happy, smiling, magazine cover-ready family vs. the reality that is their religion-centered and over-crowded life, and I was blown away. Libby Anne comes from a Quiverfull family; she recognizes aspects of the Duggar’s family from her own experiences, and she brings this insight to play in her analysis. I was spellbound. And horrified. And I couldn’t stop reading it. The sentence that I first quoted from her post at the start of this blog really caught my attention, and Libby Anne makes a number of other thought-provoking observations in her piece. If you have any interest in this subject I recommend Libby Anne’s take on it.

All About the Duggars

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