I Can Haz Archives!

Whew! That Lousy Canuck guy is pretty awesome. He did some magical tech stuff in the background and now the entirety of my old WordPress blog is accessible from here. It’s kind of amazing – all of the comments, the pages, the catergories and tags – they’re all here.

Thanks, Jason!

So if you have any interest in my past writings, might I suggest the archives or the Tag Cloud in the right sidebar?

Also, there are some really, really great bloggers out there that I enjoy reading. They’re in my blogroll on the right. Go. Click on the links. Maybe add a few to your RSS feeds. You’ll love it. Mmmm…links.

I Can Haz Archives!

3 thoughts on “I Can Haz Archives!

    1. 2.1

      Thanks, Steve! Yeah, Jeremy has been one of my biggest blogging and photography inspirations since I started in 2009.

      But did he take me to Bali with him and Tina? NO. No he did not. Hrmph. 😉

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