Awesome Reason Rally Promo

The Hubby is an atheist. We’re on the same level when it comes why it’s important to keep religion out of government. We agree that the objections against gay rights, women’s rights, abortion, stem cell research, etc. are mostly rooted in religious ideology. We differ on activism, though. The Hubby is pretty private when it comes to his beliefs, and while he supports others who speak out about injustices and fight for equality, he’s not usually on the front lines. That’s fine; we all contribute to the things we find important in different ways.

So I was a little surprised when the Hubby agreed to come to the Reason Rally in Washington D.C. with me. Now, I’m fully aware that one of the reasons he decided to shell out extra $$$ for a second plane ticket is because he’s never been to D.C., and my guy is a bit of a history buff. Also, he knew that I would like his company on the trip. And as an atheist he supports the idea of the rally even if doesn’t feel the need to be present at the actual event. So there were several thoughts that played into his decision to join me in D.C., but he wasn’t as freaking insanely excited to participate in the Reason Rally as me.

Until I showed him this:

And now he’s all like:

Thanks, The Thinking Atheist!

Awesome Reason Rally Promo

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    Ha. Great picture. Glad to hear you’re going, a bunch of other FTBers will be there as well. We’re having a joint get-together with Hemant Mehta shortly after the event at a restaurant not far from the National Mall, hope you can make it. Will be great to meet you and your husband in person.

      1. Unfortunately I have neither teleportation devices nor plane tickets, and my boss appears to think it’s a good idea to not pay me enough to be able to afford to go jetting off to the US anytime something awesome’s on.
        I’ll just have to live it vicariously through the internet 🙂

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