Musical Monday: Cyndi Lauper Ukulele

My present to myself for getting a new job and passing my comprehensive exams was this shiny new acoustic/electric Les Paul ukulele.  I am working on learning some songs that sound good and crunchy with electric effects, but I think that means learning ukulele power chords, which I don’t really understand just yet.  It involves skipping strings, which I find weirdly difficult.

In the meantime, “Time after Time.”

Musical Monday: Cyndi Lauper Ukulele

2 thoughts on “Musical Monday: Cyndi Lauper Ukulele

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    First of all, congrats on the new job and on passing your exams and secondly, you and your new ukulele sound great. Ukulele power cords, eh? Does this mean we have a ukulele rendition of “Iron Man” to look forward to? 😉

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