Blogathonning on Sunday!

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This Sunday, I’m going to be blogathonning from 10am-6pm for SSA Week. Every hour, on the hour, I’ll be posting a new post! Also blogging will be Chana Messinger and Mike Mei. All posts will be written in the hour they publish, though I will be trying to clear out some topics from my Drafts folder.

Speaking of topics, please please comment with topics and/or tweet them in my general direction. Eight hours is a reallllly long time to keep thinking up things to write.

Update: I’m silly and forgot to include the most important part! If you donate $20 or more, I’ll write a post of your topic choice. (Up until I have too many ideas to finish in eight hours). Donate here! 

Update 2: Miri is joining us! 

Blogathonning on Sunday!

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