Plan 9 from Seattle

As some of you know, and many undoubtedly do not, I was in my first play ever last March, a stage version of the Ed Wood epic Plan 9 from Outer Space.  Well, I went to the museum in Seattle and discovered an actual UFO from the actual movie.


And I saw lots of musical instruments, and a few ukuleles amongst them even.


And a vagina I mean facehugger


And Mr. Stabby from Buffy!


Plan 9 from Seattle

5 thoughts on “Plan 9 from Seattle

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    I was in a play based on Ed Wood. The idea was What if Ed Wood tried to film King Lear, and it was about as close to an original Ed Wood production as anything Ed ever actually did, with the lack of planning and the non-actors and the “we don’t have a permit” and the “Cut! That was perfect!”

    The writer/director/actor playing Ed Wood was a genius. And an alcoholic.

    We would have loved that UFO. Instead, we had such touches as King Lear (as played by an actor some guy who couldn’t remember his lines but had a widow’s peak playing Bela Lugosi in full Dracula make-up) riding up an escalator made by the Dover Elevator Company. It was symbolic.

    Oh, those were zany times.

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