Woman Jailed and Fined for Sending Kids to Wrong School

A woman lied about her address so that her kids could go to a different school.  This happens all the time.  I know, because my parents did it.  They said I lived at rental property they owned so that I could go to the best public school in town.  Is it legal?  Not really.  Is it criminal?  I wouldn’t have really thought so.  More of a, “You know you can’t do that, right?” sort of thing.

Apparently, it is a felony in Ohio.  Well, only for this one mother, who was after all poor and black, but you know, it’s the law.


Shocked and appalled is sort of an understatement here, but I am certainly those.  Why would you send someone to jail for this?  She was just trying to help her kids.  The motives and need are so clear and so understandable, to call it a felony is absurd on the face of it.

Woman Jailed and Fined for Sending Kids to Wrong School
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    Clearly poor, black people in this country still need to know their place! I highly doubt even a poor white family, much less one of average income, would have been noticed by anyone. I have no words that properly describe how I feel about this. But yes, clearly people are being reminded that taking efforts to improve their children’s status in society will be met with harsh consequences.

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