Road Trip

I am about to drive to South Carolina, on Friday, from LA, which will be quite the adventure.  I’m planning on being in SC for the next couple of months, working on some various projects, and hopefully getting some writing done.  Debating pursuing more screenplays or another attempt at a novel, it’s weird though, I find LA to be not a great place for writing.  Maybe that’s not that weird.

Road Trip

2 thoughts on “Road Trip

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    Hell of a road trip you got there. I just hope when they pull you over in SC they don’t walk up to the car and go, “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like some fancy pants liberal commie from California.”

    The parents wanted the wife and I to come out to Charleston for the holidays this year. Somehow I managed to convince them to come to Atlanta instead.

    It’s probably my +10 in charisma.

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